Care project | Scul-210

Two nurses, smoking


  • Worked the grave yard shift for a year at the Jewish hospital 
  • Front line care givers’ testimony: Nurses, beneficiary attendants, emergency doctors
  • Patients testimony
  • Volunteers testimony
  • Punctual activism 


Support structure

  • Green metal garden aerator with 5 spikes x 2

Portable & Versatile Garden Base

  • Recycled or repurposed cherry wood plywood planks and spruce construction 2′ x 4′
  • Wood screws
  • Metal handle
  • Metal hinges (not shown in pictures)
  • Version 1.0 (improvement to design and cost for next versions)

Hands molding & casting workshop

  • Gained experience on mold making and casting under the supervision and help of Monique Deschamps. 
  • 2 days: 1 hand/day
  • FDA approved grade alginate and plaster bands mold
  • Forton polymer casting
  • Stainless steel rods
  • Nitrile glove
  • Post molding adjustments, corrections and fix in progress

Mixing & Preparation

Molding left hand

Casting left hand

Post casting work

WIP - Setup and testing

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